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Rationale: Why do these students need this particular lesson right now? How does it tie in with or

build on previous lessons? Why is the context and content meaningful to the students? How will it

be age appropriate?

Function: What kinds of questions are you going to be asking? Options? Polls? Open-ended?


Content / Context: What is the context this lesson is happening in? What are the themes? What is

the main question/questions you’re going to be asking?

Text Type: What types of language will your students be producing? Words? Memorized phrases?

Essential Question: What central question(s) the is your lesson planned around?


(Possible) Vocab List: Any words or phrases that you think may come up.


Hook: What is going to grab your student’s attention and put the lesson into context? What are

you going to use to create communicative urgency?

Step by Step Lesson Plan: Write out all the parts or your lesson, including transitions. What

questions are you going to be asking during each part? Is it going to be in the full class or small

groups? Standing or sitting? Make sure to balance all the elements of you lesson, including

opportunities for all students and all learning styles to engage with the material.


Reflection: What went well and what didn’t? What would you do differently next time? What do

you need to return to next class? How can you build on what happened during this lesson?

Threads List: What threads will you be bring into this class?

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