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The Spanish In The Elementary Schools (SITES) program, initiated in the fall of 2005, recruits and trains Oberlin College students to teach Spanish at Oberlin Elementary School in Oberlin, Ohio.

Since 2005, SITES has provided solid proof that a high-impact experiential-learning program within the framework of a broad liberal-arts education can provide students with relevant, real-life, professional skills that prepare them for a successful career in a clearly defined field—all the while making an immediate, tangible, and positive impact beyond the confines of the college campus. In the process, SITES has helped develop cutting-edge language-teaching pedagogies that are now being used in a variety of schools across the US and abroad.

In SITES, Oberlin students receive a rigorous pedagogical training while they learn to independently plan lessons, lead classes, and develop curriculum in a highly supportive environment. They thus have a hands-on, community-based service-learning experience in which they directly apply what they are learning in the college classroom in a concrete and real-world setting.

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