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Instructor Stories

Student instructors gain hands-on teaching experience through the SITES program, allowing them to connect with, and learn from the broader Oberlin community. SITES instructors have gone on to earn internationally acclaimed teaching fellowships and scholarships. With a strong alumni network, SITES offers graduates a support system that spans beyond their time at Oberlin. Hear about the experiences of some instructors by exploring the links below!

Though Oberlin students join SITES for many reasons, they get just as much as they give. Current and past students have found that SITES benefits their academics, social life, professional preparation, and connection to the Oberlin community.

It is no coincidence that many former SITES instructors go on to successfully apply for grants and fellowships (Fulbright, Watson, etc.) and education-related graduate studies. The skills they learn through SITES are instrumental to their success as educators post-Oberlin and the breadth of opportunities available to them within the field.

The community of Oberlin SITES alumni is a tightly-knit network of professionals, educators, and graduate students who rely on each other and on the program's continued mentorship as they pursue their post-Oberlin career.

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