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EDUA 301 (formerly EDUA 101), is taught every semester and is an integral part of the SITES program. It is also a core course for the Education Studies Concentration.

Entitled “Language Pedagogy: The Theory and Practice of Teaching and Learning Languages,” EDUA 301 asks students to reflect on what it means to know a language and how to teach languages effectively. It provides an introduction into the field of applied linguistics and language pedagogy. It also includes a practicum in which students are expected to teach a language throughout the semester.


For students who speak Spanish, the practicum is teaching Spanish through the SITES program. Others have successfully designed their practicum experience by working with various grade levels in the Oberlin city schools and on the college campus teaching a broad range of languages including Chinese, English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), French, German, Russian, and Italian.


The Education Practicum course, EDPR 102, in turn, grants students credit when they continue to teach in SITES in the semesters following their enrollment in EDUA 301. Finally, EDUA 301 also serves a key student population interested in teaching English as a foreign language abroad, either during their time at Oberlin or after graduation, through Shansi fellowships, Fulbright ETA fellowships, or other programs. 

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