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Incorporating reading and writing is another way to increase comprehension and communication.

  • Have one instructor write out important words during class

  • Write out full phrases and use them to prompt "frases completas" 

  • Write out song lyrics and point to them as you sing

  • Write out words on big papers/ magnets and have students join them together to make phrases

  • Create cards, some with pictures others with words, have them find the person with their match

  • Create short books with phrases they have practiced. Read as a class then let them read on their own. 

Add these to your toolbox!

Note: students have trouble tracking from the board to their paper until third grade.


  • Recognizing sounds/ letters words start with


  • Sounding out words

  • Combining words to create phrases

  • Writing unique sentences by filling in the blank


  • Sounding out sentences

  • Writing unique sentences from vocabulary bank

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