Current STudentS

Though Oberlin students join SITES for many reasons, they get just as much as they give. Current and past students have found  that SITES benefits their academics, social life, professional preparation, and connection to the Oberlin community.

"I have gained a deeper understanding and more confidence in my own Spanish speaking abilities. SITES has been really valuable to me personally to grow my confidence in speaking and teaching."  


Maya Walsh-Little '21, Hispanic Studies and Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

"I wanted to join SITES mostly because of my passion for Spanish and I want to share that with other people. I think it is really important that young students have access to language education and I wanted to play any part that I could in helping offer these classes."

Maeve Dick '21, Dance & Hispanic Studies

"I joined SITES because I wanted to become more engaged with the community, interact with kids, and practice teaching. I love that I can do all of those things while having fun!"  


Rosie Thale '21, Hispanic Studies, Comparative American Studies, & Latin American Studies 

Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Minor, Education Studies Concentration

"Becoming part of an intergenerational community and having an impact in someone else's education process was something that I did not know that I needed before but am grateful for having. "

Deverrick McAllister '22, Undeclared

"I first joined SITES because I loved the process of improving my Spanish every semester. I wanted to empower other students to do the same. SITES has provided me with a community of enthusiastic, empathetic, and intellectual peers. SITES as a program requires you to be more than just a college student. You get experience as a role model and mentor. SITES has equipped me with a concrete, theory-backed, classroom experience that will inform my experiences after college. This summer I will be teaching English in Hong Kong and I look forward to using the principles of SITES (communicative, student-centered lessons that prioritize their production) to grow as an English Instructor."

Brianne Cotter '20, Hispanic Studies


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Photos courtesy of Michaela Squier, Kim Faber, and Caitlyn Pineault